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Travel saved my life. In 2013 my entire life was in shambles after 7yrs  a seven letter word had pushed me into a depression “DIVORCE” I’ll never forget sitting in my tiny bedroom eating only one meal every 24hrs and crying throughout the day. One day a dear friend of mine James called and asked how was I, that my readers is the beginning of the ending of my depression and the start to my living. I was forced to acknowledge that I was 100lbs and super sad. He says “baby pack your bags we can go anywhere in the world where do you want to go”. I chose Costa Rica and that trip was so healing, I hiked the arenal volcano, I bathed in the natural hot springs, literally held butterflies. OMG  my wonderful readers, subscribers, FRIENDS, that was literally my rebirth, I was alive again, eating again, smiling again.

That was in 2013 and I’m so happy for the ENTIRE experience because out of that awful dark place something beautiful was born, an awakening happened. And now I share all of my wonderful travel experiences with you all. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope I inspire you all.

Welcome to my world, Welcome to Cecily Travels

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