Best New York Art Galleries

Whether you’re visiting New York City or are a current resident I want to welcome you to my favorite art galleries that New York has to offer and you definitely will want to visit.
By: Cecily Witcher


Rush Arts Gallery:
Rush Arts Gallery was founded by Russell, Danny and Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons is dedicated to providing a platform for the more progressive/non mainstream artist that in some cases works would not be exhibited in an art gallery do to their non mainstream sometimes even political opinion on social topics. Rush Arts Gallery often holds artist talks as well as poetry readings, which are a great way to not only connect with the art but also with the artist.


Gagosian Gallery:
Gagosian Gallery owned by Larry Gagosian is an international art gallery that features contemporary art as well as modern art. If you’re a lover of Jean Michelle Basquiat or Any Warholl then this will be an art gallery you’ll want to visit while in New York. The staff isn’t friendly  and don’t bother to bring your camera as pictures are prohibited and this is “strictly enforced” but your love of art is what drew you to the Gagosian Gallery and you will definitely be happy you stopped by. Currently showing at the Gagosian Gallery is the works of Jean Michel Basquiat February 7th-April 6th.


Michael Mut Gallery:
Michael Mut Gallery is a quaint space offering the best of  contemporary art which most of the time are local artist. Michael Mutt Gallery provides a platform for established artist as well as students who have a message that they want to share. Unlike most galleries Michael Mutt always incorporates his theme of “Love Yourself” in his gallery and always displays positive art.

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What To Do In New York City For Free Or Almost Free

New York is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world with approximately 8336697 million people. After graduating high school I knew New York would be the place I’d call home so I packed my bags in 1998 and headed for the big apple. Brooklyn is my home borough now and I encourage you to get out of Manhattan and visit Brooklyn but if you must stay in Manhattan I’ll share a list of  things I would consider a must do while in New York City


New York is a expensive place but Manhattan is not only famous for the bright lights of Times Square and Rockefeller Center, Manhattan is also known for being very expensive. Below are incredible cheap/inexpensive experiences that won’t break your bank while in New York City.


1) While you’re visiting New York City you must go see a Broadway show. New York City Broadway shows are expensive but if you are flexible with the shows you want to see and maybe don’t mind standing on a line then you can snag tickets to a Broadway show for half price or even less. I was able to get tickets to the Broadway show Fela for half price, the only catch is you can only purchase the tickets the day of the show so you will get whatever seats are available. For a list of the shows and where to find the booths where to purchase tickets.


2) Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is not only a great way to see New York but it’s FREE, and a great way to get your exercise in for the day. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest and longest suspension bridge in the United States spanning 1,595 feet. Before you head to the Brooklyn Bridge be sure to pack your comfortable shoes and camera because the view is phenomenal. To get to the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan you will take the pedestrian walkway which accessible from the end of Centre Street or through the unpaid south staircase of the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall subway station.


3) New York City Groove Lounge is “Home of Rhythm Blues and Funk”. If you’re looking for a soulful funk filled night then this is a Manhattan must do. I frequent The Groove Lounge and have never been disappointed. The Groove Lounge is open seven days a week and is the only place in New York City where you will hear live funk. In addition to the great live music The Groove Lounge also offers one of the best inexpensive/cheap happy hours in New York City. So if you’re looking for a great night out filled with live music go to The Groove Lounge and have the “Real New Yorker Experience.” Note there is a 2 drink minimum per set as well as a $5 cover to enter. For full details click here.


4) Times Square is a definite tourist attraction and locals like myself stay far away but if you are visiting NYC I wouldn’t deprive you of experiencing the bright lights of the huge bill boards and maybe even fantasize of one day being on one of them as so many of us do. I’d advise going during the day time and then go at night so you can fully appreciate the bright lights and magical feel of Times Square. Now that you’ve absorbed the magic you have to go grab a drink and dinner at Dallas BBQ this restaurant is SOOOO cheap and the drinks are a must have by New York locals. The food is good but the drinks are great and a great value. BBQ’s 42nd street.


5) For all of my art lovers there is never a shortage here in New York City. I’m a huge art lover and while you’re here you should visit these New York Art Galleries but note art galleries aren’t open on Mon and Tue. Rush Arts Gallery is a NYC gem that showcases the more progressive/non mainstream artist featuring a lot of local artist as well. The Gogosian Art Gallery showcases contemporary as well as modern art, you never know who they have hanging their artist range from Basquiat to the likes of Andy Warhol. Michael Mut Gallery is a quaint space in lower Manhattan offering the best of contemporary art which comes mostly from the local artist. Brooklyn Galleries.


If you’re staying in Manhattan for a week or so and want to experience all of the main tourist attractions I’d suggest purchasing a city pass. This pass gives you access to pretty much every NYC tourist attraction you can think of for a flat rate. For info on the New York City Pass click here.


International Travel Tips As I Tour St Lucia


I am so excited about our upcoming trip to the luscious volcanic island of St. Lucia, one of the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. I can’t wait until this butterfly can spread her wings in the unspoiled natural beauty found there! usual, we will be traveling on Jet Blue. They have a direct flight from NY/JFK to St. Lucia and I’m looking forward to a comfortable, friendly in-flight experience.’m not looking forward so much to the actual experience of going through screening at the airport, but better safe than sorry. Everybody has a job to do, so my job is to make the screening process as easy as possible, both for myself and the TSA agents on duty.

What can I do to make the process quick and painless?

- My passport/ID and ticket will be clipped together the night before and easily accessible.
- I won’t wear anything metal that might set the buzzer off. No fancy belts or hair clips.
- No joking on line about security or the B*mb word. No clothing that might be offensive.  Although I don’t like the idea of censorship or having my wings clipped, I do like to look stylish &appropriate.
- I will make sure my pockets are empty so I don’t have to dig stuff out at the last minute.
- Comfortable shoes that can be slipped on and off easily (and little socks so my soles don’t touch the grimy floor…yecch).
- I’m traveling with an IPad instead of a laptop so I don’t have to waste time opening it and stowing it afterwards. (A wireless keyboard makes typing easy for more complicated tasks, so all’s good.)
- All my liquids and creams will be under 3 oz and organized into a clear 1 quart plastic bag.   

Ladies: you must fit all your liquid or gel cosmetics in here, including lipsticks, mascara & foundation. Also, you are allowed only 1bag per person, so take only the basics if you are not     checking baggage.Here is agreat graphic for the 3-1-1 TSA Rule on liquids for air travel:

St. Lucia, here we come!