Tabaconcito Hot Springs In Costa Rica Is FREE


Tabaconcito Hot Springs Free Entrance – Across the road from Tabacon Springs used to be Tabaconcito Hot Springs. It was administered by the Tabacon Hotel, but after losing a lawsuit they had to leave the complex and is now free to enter. There are no facilities except for some ranches and tables. This is a great place to enjoy a natural river, with even some waterfalls and places to relax within it. Since no one controls the site, you can take inside any food or drinks. Beware that after sunset there is no electricity in that place, so if you are planning on staying late at night bring with you a good flash light.

As they say some of the best things in life are FREE and the Tabaconcito is a awesome great FREE treat in Costa Rica. The water is the perfect temperature for you and your friends to relax in. It is very dark but since there are alot of tours that come to this section there were candles going so it was pretty well lit. If you’re coming by yourself I’d recommend bringing a cooler filled with you favorite beverage, a radio and candles or a few flashlights “but candles create a better ambiance and just relax and enjoy nature. I definitely did.

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