Sousa Bay Dominicana Republic


Sousa Bay Dominicana Republic

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Dominican Republic is my favorite place to visit. I’ve been to this Island so many times and not once have I had a bad experience. This time we will focus on the Atlantic side of the island Sousa Bay. If you’re on the Atlantic side of the island verses the Caribean side the water is alot more choppy verses the calm warm water you’d fell if you were in Boca Chica. So when planning your trip to Sousa Bay let me give you some tips from my visit. I flew Jet Blue Airlines into STI “Santiago Airport” which is about two hours from Puerto Plato and caught a cab to Sousa Bay, the reason I did this was because it saved me about $300 and the cab is only $100 no matter how many people ride with you. The cab ride is VERY bumpy as you’re going up and around the mountains, and most of the roads are not paved. If you’re claustorphobic I suggest you sit in the back and close your eyes because the roads are really tight and it looks as if the cabs are going to either run into someone or fall of the side of the road. The ride is about 1 1/2 hours. When we arrived to our all inclusive $12 a night hotel “The Sousa Bay Resort” I must say I was pleased. The front desk clerk “Winston” was not only VERY handsome but very nice and knowledgeable about the island. The rooms were clean and air conditioned.I enjoyed the nice hot shower and unlike some other resorts I’ve visited they never had black outs. Here is a pic of the view from my room 

The GOOD points of Sousa Bay Resort?

#1 The resort was clean,comfortable, safe and the staff were really nice.

#2 The location is very convienant you won’t need to take cabs as everything happening is within walking distance.

#3 It’s one of the only resorts that is actually right on the beach see pics of tanning area 

The BAD points of Sousa Bay Resort

#1 There is no cable or clocks in the room.

#2 If you are bringing kids this entire area may not be for you as there is ALOT of prostitution going on, not a kid friendly area of DR.

#3 The food was pretty gross. While eating some dish I can’t recall what it was there was a beak in it. I was shocked and asked the waiter what it was and he looked mortified as well. We started eating off the property after that.

Overall for $12 a night I was pretty satisfied like I stated the room was clean and the beds were comfortable, the property was safe. If they had cable the room was definitely nice enough to relax and watch TV in if you didn’t feel like going out but without cable we were barely in our rooms. Id give Sousa Resort a 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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