Shecky’s Girls Night Out 2012

Shecky’s Holiday Girls Night Out 2012 is an awesome time to be had by all. I was invited for the first time this year and plan on never missing it again EVER!… The event space is spacious without being so large that you feel overwhelmed and you will be able to move, and move I did to DJ Sphere spinning on the ones and twos. While feeling the vibes of The Black Eye’d Peas and sipping on a complimentary alcoholic beverage.

Now it’s time to shop, I promised myself I was just going to come and enjoy the complimentary liquor and window shop but that’s impossible with such a great variety of vendors. Great vendors,awesome drinks and a kick butt DJ is a combination made in shopping heaven. I’ll share with you my personal favorites from “Shecky’s Girls Night Out 2012”.


Shea Moisture is a product that I NEVER travel without.

If you’re a natural girl like myself you will understand the difficulties associated with maintaining your curl vs your curl becoming a big fro as well as keeping your locks moisturized. When I stumbled upon shea moisture at a Brooklyn natural store I felt like I’d found the fountain of youth for my hair “ok that’s a bit dramatic” but once I used the product I knew I could never go back to another very well-known and marketed natural hair care brand. While at schecky’s I picked up Shea Moisture Olive & Green Tea Lotion and Body wash which is the winner of 2012 “Mommy Knows Best Award” so you don’t have to take my word for how great the products are, over 300 moms agree.

Once I finished at the Shea Moisture booth I was drawn to the “Grande Lash” booth by the OMG so fabulous Harry Jefferson. I am obsessed with finding the perfect mascara to make my eyelashes look long since I am not into false lashes and this fabulous man working the booth had the most beautiful,longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe they were real so it wasn’t a hard sell to get me to try it and the bonus was if I wasn’t satisfied I would get my money back. I was so excited after I made my purchase I left my credit card at the booth, but thank goodness Harry found me before I left. I will definitely let you know how grande lash works. I’ll start applying tonight. Follow me on twitter for my progress.

I could go on an on about all of the great vendors but decided to narrow it down to my top 3, so last but not least is “The Cup Cake Bartender”. Her cupcake display was so inviting I wanted to try one of everything but instead I narrowed my choice to a Pink Champagne and my friend had the Pina Colado. The cupcakes were delicious as well as beautiful. I am looking forward to trying the sweet potato soon. Just a FYI The Cupcake Bartender will ship cupcakes and you can place your order online. For all of their info please click here.

Schecky’s Holiday Girls Night Out happens Wed-Sat “Dec 19th-Dec 22nd” for full details and address please click here.

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