Cecily’s Favorite Holiday Picks

Cecily’s Favorite Holiday Picks

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought I’d take a moment to share with my readers Cecily’s Must Haves for the holidays/everyday.

The items are listed in no particular order as I love them all equally:

#1 Ulanie’s Hair Solutions

Ulanie Hair Solutions

While I’m out on the road not only does my body get tired but my hair sometimes refuses to cooperate, especially when I’m traveling from a cold climate to an extremely hot location. I was complaining of breaking as well as dryness when a girlfriend recommended I try Ulanie’s Hair Solutions. I am now a dedicated customer! It definitely wakes my hair up and leaves it feeling hydrated with very little shedding. Since I am on the road alot, I purchase the trial size to ensure not to exceed the TSA 3.4oz regulations while flying. If you really love it (and I am sure you will), buy the larger size, but keep the smaller bottles for refills when venturing out by air.

#2 Sonia Kashuk’s Smoke and Mirrors finger nail polish.

Sonia Kashuk

I’m not sure if it’s possible to fall in love with a fingernail polish, but if it is, then I’m in love with Sonia Kashuk’s Smoke and  Mirrors. While traveling through North Carolina  I stopped by a Target to pick up some mascara when I remembered I forgot to pack fingernail polish. As I was looking at colors , I saw a Sonia Kashuk’s  display. I’m not condoning being a bad shopper, but I actually sampled it because I didn’t believe it would look as it appeared in the display when applied. Well to my surprise, it did! Then I thought “ok, this is probably really expensive” as there was no price and I know other brands charge almost $10 for a color. I found a sales associate who checked the price and it was less than $6. This is my personal favorite staple color that is perfect for any day as well as the holidays. Add a top coat and this color doesn’t chip easily. I never leave for the road without my Smoking Mirrors.

#3 Beasts Of The Southern Wild.

Traveling on the road can sometimes be a lonely life, so you will definitely need to pack your Ipad with great movies and one that I highly recommend is Beasts Of The Southern Wild, a beautiful American fantasy drama featuring a six-year old unforgettable heroine. I stumbled upon this movie one summer day in Brooklyn NY when I had two hours to kill and decided to catch a movie. I had never heard of Beast Of The Southern Wild as it’s an independent film which didn’t  get a lot of PR push, but I decided to watch it simply because it fit into my time constraint. When I say this is the most brilliant movie I’ve seen since The Color Purple, I’m not joking. It touched me so that I actually penned a note to the director Benh Zeitlin thanking him for sharing this gift with us.

#4 Jlani Jewels is a staple in my accessory world.


I love that celebrities are often seen wearing her pieces but that hasn’t caused her to raise her prices for fabulous jewelry with an edge.  That allows a fashion savvy writer like myself who is always budgeting and looking for value to look fierce on the road without breaking the bank. Another thing to love about Jlani Jewels is that all of her pieces are made from stainless steel so while I’m on my many adventures I never have to worry about my jewelry losing its luster. Here is the link for you to see her creations: www.jlanijewels.com/. I’m trying to buy from small businesses as much as possible, and I hope you are, also.

#5 Betta Body Butter

How I stumbled upon this faboulous body butter actually happened when I placed my online order for my hair care products at Ulanie’s Hair Solutions. Once I received my shipment there was a 8oz body butter that was given to me to try and give my feedback on. I loved how it smelt as it was a chocoloate/coco aroma. I was hesitant to try it as I have VERY sensitive skin so gradually introduced it to my body by first using the butter on my hands, I was quite impressed that I didn’t have to keep reapplying as it would last for quite a while but-without being greasy. After I shower I use this as my all over body moisturizer loyally. Not only does betta body really rehydrate my dry skin it ‘s also quite pleasant on the nose too.

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