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St Georges

Coming to Bermuda for Cup-Match Festival has been an amazing experience.Not only was the Jet Blue flight pleasant, it was direct and less than two hours from NYC. You don’t have to be a travel writer to travel like one, Jet Blue runs specials frequently, so you too can get the Cecily Travels experience.

The Bermudians are the most polite people I’ve encountered during my travels. Cup-Match is Bermuda’s biggest holiday. The entire island closes from the first week of August Thur-Fri to celebrate Cup-Match, “Bermuda’s Emancipation Day.” Knowing that the island businesses would close Thur-Fri, I decided to fly in early to ensure that my readers got to experience as much of Bermuda as possible. “And a few extra days in paradise for Cecily was also a great perk.”

My first stop was St George’s, formally known as “New London.”Established in 1612, St George’s is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New World. As soon as I arrived in St George’s I dropped my bags and headed to the visitor’s center to plan out my day. I’d highly recommend you do the same. There is so much history here it would be a shame to walk aimlessly. You may miss some of my favorite sites like the St. Peter’s Church, built in 1612. This is oldest Anglo-Saxon church in the Western Hemisphere. Also visit the Unfinished Church, where construction started in 1874. This church was intended to replace St.Peters Church but due to financial and political problems construction was halted.The Visitor’s Center is located in the Town Square. You can pick up a walking map and ask any questions you may have before heading out. Ask for Philip Anderson: this man knows his Bermudian history and loves to share it.

Enjoy the video and be sure to book your tickets on Jet Blue early for Cup-Match 2013. Bermuda is only 22 miles in length and with approximately 2,000 hotel rooms available throughout the island you really have to plan ahead.


When coming to Bermuda make sure you have a copy of your hotel reservations or the address and telephone number of where you’ll be staying. Customs and Immigrations were the strictest and rudest I’ve encountered in my travels and I’ve traveled through communist countries. Traveling light and alone as a female I experienced profiling as I’ve heard from other female visitors. Even though my initial experience was VERY unpleasant, it’s not a reflection on the rest of Bermudian’s as everyone was so warm and welcoming.

Do I need a passport? Yes

Is there public transportation? Bermuda’s public transportation is easy and convenient. Click this link.

Are there any beaches in St George? Yes, Tobacco Beach is calm,clean and beautiful. I’d recommend you bring your own beverages and snacks, the concession stand is pricey. It’s about a 20min walk from the visitors center. Great snorkeling too!

What’s the currency used in Bermuda? BMD, but American money is accepted and you’ll receive american currency back.

Is there a cost to attend Cup-Match? Yes, Cup-Match is $20. Make sure that you bring your ID. Visitor’s get VIP treatment at this event. There is an area for you to sit, FREE Swizzle “Bermuda’s National Drink,” and other beverages as well as light snacks. All compliments of the Bermuda’s Department of Tourism.

How long is the flight? If you’re on the east coast the flight is less than two hours.

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