Preparing For Vacation In South Africa

Thank you for visiting Cecily Travels I am delighted to share with you all some tips to ensure you have a wonderful experience while visiting South Africa, but first let me answer a question I was very curious about. Do they speak english? YES, which made traveling in South Africa so easy. Oh and as a side note while visiting IF you receive great service ie: restaurants,cabs,hotels etc please TIP the economy isn’t the best and the average person makes maybe $300 month so be a good human if you get good service. Ok now below for the South African Travel Tips. Enjoy.


#1 Do I need a visa? Nope in South Africa you can visit for up to 90days as a US citizen no visa required.

#2 Are there any vaccinations required? That would depend on where you are going but for Johannesburg & Capetown non were recommended or required. Click here for more info on vaccinations.

#3 Internet & Telephone Service: Call your carrier and ensure you have unlimited internet, I have t-mobile unlimited and my friends had AT&T so they were roaming. You’ll need internet to order your uber, research your excursions etc. Note: I was a team player and shared my wifi hotspot with my two friends.

#4 How much money do I need?  While in South Africa for 14 days I took a total of $1,600, $1000 on a credit card and $600 cash and I returned home with $300. South Africa is CHEAP!!!  South Africa currency is RAN. Before you leave download a currency converter app.

#5 Is it safe to use my credit card? Yes, now that the banks have put chips in our debit and credit cards it is now safer than ever to use your cards. I recommend using your cards vs cash as most cards now don’t charge a change rate. NOTE: never let your card leave YOUR hand, any establishment where you’re using your card will bring the credit card machine to you.

#6 How will I get around? Download the Uber app it’s much cheaper than trying to bargain with a driver and super convenient. Note: Some areas in South Africa are having tension between uber drivers and regular cabs but in Capetown it’s safe. In Johannesburg just be sure to lock your door and when you arrive to your hotel you can ask your clerk about the safety of taking uber . We took them everywhere but in Johannesburg we were advised to be careful, but we had no problems.

#7 BRING YOUR ELECTRIC OUTLET CONVERTER.It slipped my mind and we were scrambling sharing only two amongst three people.

#8 Which I might should’ve put as #1 when you purchase items that they charge you tax on “tax was 14%” keep the items and receipt easily accessible, BEFORE you check in for your flight stop by the VAT with your ticket, receipt, items and passport. The process is pretty seamless but you MUST do it before you check in and they will return the tax you’ve paid on items purchased while on the holiday.

 I carried my life straw with me but it wasn’t necessary as the drinking waster in South Africa is fine but I never travel without my Life Straw just to ensure I don’t have to cut my tip short due to illness.


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