Transportation Information And Cab Phone Numbers


These are cab drivers that I personally used while in cuba. All cars were clean some are even air conditioned. And yes I took the Viazul bus too.



Yoel Arias

Mobile:  +53 58235269



Eugenlo Valladares De La Vega

Mobile: +05 2845448

#3 Duglas


Mobile: +53 52842761

#4 NOTE: this is the green car you see in my pictures, he often inflated his rate by $5 but his car does have AC. They offer service 24hrs.


Mobile: 52548135


Mobile: 52669337


To travel to the beaches or even from one side of the island to the other you’ll save yourself ALOT of money if you book your bus transportation through Viazul. The process is very straight forward and easy just make sure you see your bags get placed on the bus, book your ticket online before you travels and make sure when you check in with the agent and make sure you have your passport AND your PRINTED itinerary with your payment showing. Click here to book.


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