Going To CUBA? List of essential information.

Hello readers, as I prepared for my upcoming trip to Cuba, I was really unsure of what to expect. Since Cuba just recently opened their travel bands for Americans to visit I really have no idea what to expect, how to fully prepare, since I was going in as a rookie feeling my way so that when you decide to visit it will be as seamless a process as possible for you. Here are a few questions that I had prior that were answered:
#1 Do I need a visa and how do I get it? Yes, once you purchase your ticket call the airline to purchase your visa, do this as far in advance as possible to avoid rush fees. I’m flying Delta and my visa was $50 BUT I’ve heard that other airlines sometimes charge more so before booking that cheap ticket call to see what hidden fees they have. If you are Cuban born, it’s a whole other story.
#2 Do I need to buy travel insurance? Cuba travel medical insurance was included in my ticket purchase with Delta. Once you purchase your ticket, verify that travel insurance is in the price because if you don’t have travel medical insurance and can show proofyou will be forced to purchase insurance once you land. Travel Insurance Info
#3 Should I request that my bank give me Euros before I leave for a better exchange rate? Depending on your banks rate to provide you with Euros or Canadian dollars, if it is .13 or more then I don’t recommend.  Cuba has two currencies  the CUP and the CUC. Note that all currencies have a 3% exchange fee and when you’re exchanging US $ there is an additional 10% tax added. Be very careful when getting change on the island, as CUCs are much more valuable than CUPs. Avoid mistakes and getting seriously shortchanged by knowing the difference between the two currencies.
#4 Is their internet? You may or may not have internet depending on if your hotel offers you the courtesy. There is no FREE internet. How it works is IF your hotel allows you to purchase wifi time use it sparingly. You’ll be able to connect at your hotel and an internet park.
#5 Bring Snacks & Purchase a life straw double filter. I carried my life straw with me where I went and not once did I get sick, my friends came for 3days and were sick for two weeks after returning home. Be cautious when drinking anything with ice in it.

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