Travel Tips You Must Know Will Save You Time And Money

Travel Tips You Must Know Will Save You Time And Money


Even if you don’t have an international trip planned I highly advise securing your passport. If you don’t need it to be executed it’s a $110 plus $25 execution fee Note this is for first time applicants if you’re renewing you don’t have to pay the $25 execution fee.  Time to receive your passport is appx 4-6 weeks non expedited and 2-3 expedited.

Requirements: application “fill in black ink”, photo of birth certificate, copy of front and back of ID or license, $110 money order made out to the dept of state, and $25 execution fee “if non renewal”

Make sure your name on your ticket matches the name on your I.D/passport identically, or you can and most likely will get denied boarding.

Click here for full price breakdown

Click here to call or make an appointment at passport info center

Expedited Passport Services Click Here to Contact Your  Closest One

     Note: Most countries require your passport to be valid 6 months AFTER the conclusion of your trip. PLEASE double-check the expiration date of your passport. Some countries require 90 days, while others don’t care as long as it’s valid.


VISA: A visa is a document allowing you entry to enter a specific country but you’ll also need to have a valid and the Smart Traveler app are great tools to determine if your destination requires a visa, as well as safety and security information.

Click here for a complete list of ALL the countries you’ll need a visa to visit.


Team Carry On: I travel all over the world and NEVER do I check a bag and I’ve traveled all over the worlds with trips over 19 days, all with a carry on. A few tips I will share my face wash, lotion I put in a small medicine/pill bottle “who knew they were water/spill proof” I also put my under ware  in ziplock bags, press all the air out and insert them into my sneakers. If I’m traveling for 20 days I will pack 10 outfits at the most meaning two pairs of jeans,two leggings, 5 assorted t-shirts, one sweater “the key is layering so pack clothes that you can intermix. I often watch youtube tutorials on how to pack.

Life Straw: I never travel without my life straw, while in Cuba for 19days I never got sick and I drank from local restaurants who were hesitant to refill my life straw because the water quality was so poor. Life straw definitely does a great job and is a good investment but you also must be aware that ice is water so if you’re drinking soda etc with ice and you get sick you can’t blame your life straw. You must be very diligent when using the straw so you don’t get sick. Click here for more info

Pre Book An Airport Lounge: While traveling with my friends in South Africa this was my first experience with an airport lounge but now I’m officially hooked. If you’re traveling internationally and have a long layover I’d suggest you check into the cost of the airports lounge. You get free wifi, unlimited snacks, drinks and even hot meals as well as a comfy spot away from all the hustle and bustle of the airport. Note: Some credit cards offer free lounge access.

Take Pictures Of Documents: Take pictures of your passport, your hotel info etc that way when you arrive you’re not fumbling looking for important addresses.

Affordable Flights: When booking flights, flexibility is key. It’s often cheaper to fly during the middle of the week vs the end of it. Flying out of larger cities will save you literally hundreds. Say you’re going to Europe, and you live in St Louis, book your flight out of JFK. Get to NY either the night before or a few hours before the international flight leaves. My friend did that when he went to Dubai. Saved 700 dollars in airfare doing it that way.

Most times it’s cheaper to do 2 one way flights vs round trip flights.

Try to travel in off season for your destination. Tickets to attractions are often cheaper, as well as flights getting there.

Ask your cell phone provider about international plans: While in Africa my friends had a different carrier than I did and were getting charged exorbitant amounts to make a call or data so I would open my phone for tethering so that they could share my UNLIMITED data. I have Tmobile but I hear Sprint has a great plan as well.

Check the CDC website for vaccine information for your destination. Click here


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