Joe Knows St Lucia Soufriere Boat Tour


What an eventful day for me in St Lucia! This morning I was scheduled for a tour with a tour company but his tour filled up with paying customers. Since I was being comped, I totally understood when I had to re-schedule my trip.  Still, I was left sitting by the dock of some strange bay when a tall and handsome man appeared out of nowhere and says : “Hi, I’m Joe  I see you missed your tour; would you like to join mine?” That was the start of the most wonderful day thus far on the island of St Lucia.
We loaded the Joe Knows St Lucia boats right in the downtown area of  Castries, the capital city of St. Lucia. Passengers from hotels all over the island were waiting to board directly behind the market and we were off to experience St Lucia via Joe Knows St Lucia Soufriere Sea Cruise. I’ve experienced a lot of different sea tours during my travels. One thing that they’ve all had in common is that they are usually quite stuffy and boring with an older, corporate-looking middle-aged man on a microphone saying “to your right we have … and if you look to your left you’ll see”… and all in all I feel like I might fall asleep. But NOT on Joe’s Soufriere Sea Cruise. We stepped on the boat to the strains of the Black Eyed Peas singing “Tonight Is Gonna Be a Good Night.”  The 3-man crew was young, hip and full of energy as they proudly wore their Joe Knows St Lucia polo shirts. Captain William made sure he was focused on getting us to our destinations safely as he swayed a little to the music but Big Al and Snoop kept the crowd (I mean passengers) engaged and alert. This was amazing, as our crowd ranged from young twenty-something newlyweds to a gent who seemed to be over 65. Everyone was engaged, relaxed and happy. We all enjoyed our fabulous crew’s antics and the information about what we were seeing and where we were headed.

The Joe Knows St Lucia Soufriere boat cruise will take you by the world-famous Pitons, which Oprah described as her “top five must-see sites around the world.”  Once we passed the Pitons , we pulled in to a beautiful bay and it was time to snorkel.  I’m a pretty good swimmer, but no matter what. I always feel a little intimidated by the water.  This time, I felt very safe and secure as Joe Knowsprovides every passenger with a life vest that is mandatory that you wear.  This way you don’t have to miss out on the underwater beauty and the peacefulness of floating in the lovely Caribbean Sea even if you don’t swim well

Once we finished the snorkeling, our boat headed to Soufriere for all of us to experience the “Drive Through Volcano” and take a sulphur bath, yes: a sulphur bath. The crew went to the edge of a bubbling volcanic caldera (last erupted about 300 years ago) and retrieved buckets of hot mud). We all played like kids in the mud, smearing and rubbing it all over ourselves and each other. Then we immersed ourselves in hot sulphur spring water. The bath area was really warm and the sulphur was really stinky but I will admit, after I rinsed off, my skin really did feel so much smoother. One thing I will suggest is definitely wearing a dark swimsuit that you don’t mind possibly discarding as the sulphur will stain and is hard to get out contrary to what the locals will tell you.

Now that we were all rinsed off from our hot sulphur bath it was time to head over to the Diamond Waterfalls. The waterfall is beautiful but the water is pretty cold so it actually took me about two attempts before I was able to fully immerse myself. Although the water is cold it feels quite refreshing. I suggest you wear water shoes, as the bottom was quite rocky on the way in and out. We stayed at this location maybe 30 minutes before making our way to a local restaurant to enjoy a genuine Creole style lunch.

I can see why Joe Knows Tours gets 5 star reviews on places like TripAdvisor, over and over. He puts his heart and soul into the business of touring St. Lucia and keeping his customers happy (and hydrated with free drinks). Thanks, Joe, for coming to the rescue

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