New York City Tourist Guide to the Williamsburg Bridge

A great way to really see New York City and get some beautiful views and camera shots is to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge. The Williamsburg bridge is 1.2 miles long and can be entered from Manhattan at Delancy and Clinton Streets. If you are coming from Brooklyn, you have two entrances: the first entrance is on the corner of South 5th Street and South 5th place “South 5th Place. (South 5th Place is between Driggs Ave and Roebling Street). The second entrance is located on Bedford Ave between South 5th and South 6th Streets. Please note that one side of the bridge is designated for bikes and the other side is designated for walkers. You will see signage that will up that will let you know if you’re on the right side. This is a beautiful walk that you and the entire family will truly enjoy.


If you are feeling like you want to rent a bike, I  recommend Landmark Bike Rental Shop located on the Brooklyn Side of the bridge. If you would like to rent a bike for 24hrs the cost is $35. For a complete price list call (347)799-2116 address and contact info click the link.

Another cool discovery was the Traif Bike Geshefton on the Williamburg side of bridge. Their address is 99 South 6th Street between Bedford and Berry Street. Please note that they are open on Tue-Sun 10am-12am and only accept cash as a form of payment. If you happen to get a flat they have a pump for you to use BUT they also have a outside vending machine where you can buy a pump, tire repair kits,small u-locks etc Although they no longer rent bikes, if you were to catch a flat, this is the place to go for a repair. For Directions to Traif Bike Gesheft located at 99 South 6th Street click this link

Now that  you’ve walked,run,peddled your way across the Williamsburg bridge, you’re probably ready to grab a bite to eat.

If you’re on the Williamsburg side you have options ranging from Peter Luger  to the Velvet Lounge:

If you’re on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge, the options are endless, but I’d like to point out my very favorite spot which is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. They have the best banana pudding in New York City.
#1 What subway will take me to the Williamsburg bridge Manhattan entrance? You can take the (JMFZ) train to Delancy/Essex.
#2 What subway will I take to get on the Williamsburg Bridge Brooklyn entrance? You can take the (JMZ) train to Marcy.
#3 I’m not close to those trains how do I get to them? Put in your address and destination Williamsburg Bridge click this link for directions.
#4 I don’t feel like walking.Can I get some good pics from inside the train? You can def get a great view from inside the train but photographs may be a little      challenging as there are always trains going in the opposite direction which will obstruct your shot. Also be aware of reflections from the window glass.

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