NYC Citi Bike Sharing Program Launched

New York Citi Bike sharing has officially launched. On Monday May 27, 2013 the New York City Bike Share program launched the largest bike sharing program in the United States.


As a local New Yorker who doesn’t own a bike, I welcome the bike sharing program. I’ve often thought about purchasing a bike but decided against it due to lack of space, which can be a common deterrent for New Yorkers. Well, now, for an annual fee of $95 you can have unlimited bike rides. BUT the NYC bike sharing program is not only great for us locals, I think the Citi bike share is quite ideal for NYC tourist as you can rent the bike for a short visit and don’t have the pressures of having to return to a bike rental location before they close. Do note in order to ride a NYC bike you must be at least 16yrs old.

I’ll share with you how the NYC Citi bike sharing program works:

#1 Annual Membership is $95 and entitles you to unlimited 45min bike trips. If you keep the bike longer than 45 min without stoping at a station to dock and then proceed on your route you will be charged $2.50 for that  first half hour, $6:50 for the following half hour, and $9 for every half hour following. Pay close attention to when you unlock the NYC Citi bike as your trip time starts then and ends once the bike is securely returned to the Citi Bike station.

#2 If you’d like to rent a NYC Citi bike for a shorter amount of time you can purchase 24hr $9.95 passes and 7day passes for $25 at a Citi Bike station by using your credit or debit card.Once you swipe your credit card there will be a $100 hold put on your card until you return the Citi bike. You’ll receive a ride code which is good for one trip. If you are taking multiple trips, you will swipe your card at a kiosk and receive a new code at no extra charge. Please note trips that are less than 30 minutes will not incur any additional charges. After your first 30 min, there is an additional $4 for the following half hours,$9 for the third half hour, and $12 for every half hour following.

Note: There is no requirement to¬†wear a bike helmet, but common sense dictates that you should wear one, if you can. They come in all price ranges, and can keep your precious cranium and it’s contents safe in case of a spill. I found one for less than $17 on Amazon (free shipping if you have a Prime membership) click here.

So now that you’ve decided if you want to be an annual NYC bike share renter or if you’d like to rent for a shorter period of time click here for pick up and return your bike! HAPPY RIDING IN NYC!


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