International Travel Tips As I Tour St Lucia


I am so excited about our upcoming trip to the luscious volcanic island of St. Lucia, one of the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. I can’t wait until this butterfly can spread her wings in the unspoiled natural beauty found there! usual, we will be traveling on Jet Blue. They have a direct flight from NY/JFK to St. Lucia and I’m looking forward to a comfortable, friendly in-flight experience.’m not looking forward so much to the actual experience of going through screening at the airport, but better safe than sorry. Everybody has a job to do, so my job is to make the screening process as easy as possible, both for myself and the TSA agents on duty.

What can I do to make the process quick and painless?

– My passport/ID and ticket will be clipped together the night before and easily accessible.
– I won’t wear anything metal that might set the buzzer off. No fancy belts or hair clips.
– No joking on line about security or the B*mb word. No clothing that might be offensive.  Although I don’t like the idea of censorship or having my wings clipped, I do like to look stylish &appropriate.
– I will make sure my pockets are empty so I don’t have to dig stuff out at the last minute.
– Comfortable shoes that can be slipped on and off easily (and little socks so my soles don’t touch the grimy floor…yecch).
– I’m traveling with an IPad instead of a laptop so I don’t have to waste time opening it and stowing it afterwards. (A wireless keyboard makes typing easy for more complicated tasks, so all’s good.)
– All my liquids and creams will be under 3 oz and organized into a clear 1 quart plastic bag.   

Ladies: you must fit all your liquid or gel cosmetics in here, including lipsticks, mascara & foundation. Also, you are allowed only 1bag per person, so take only the basics if you are not     checking baggage.Here is agreat graphic for the 3-1-1 TSA Rule on liquids for air travel:

St. Lucia, here we come!

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