Dining In Washington DC

I decide to take a weekend trip to Washington DC so I could share with my readers some of the wonderful experiences our capitol has to offer. Although a busy metropolis, Washington isn’t so crowded when there isn’t a national holiday going on.

I booked a flight on Jet Blue flying into Washington Dulles airport. My friends always tease me because I fly Jet Blue so much. They think I work for them, but I don’t!  I just appreciate great customer service and flying comfortably, two things Jet Blue offers. Oh yes: great prices too!

So once I arrived in Dulles, my girlfriend took me to her favorite restaurant in DC, a place called Ulah. The food is very tasty at great prices. After my  flight I wasn’t very hungry but I can never resist a good desert so I ordered this cobbler. 

The cobbler was SOO good I asked the waitress to please get the manager. She looked confused at first, but when the manager “Kevin Laliberte” arrived I told him I was a travel writer and loved his establishment. The location is easy to get to, right by the U street Metro Shop on the Green Line. This area can get very packed, so if you can park and ride I’d suggest that. Please check out their menu.

Located directly across the street is Ben’s Chili Bowl. Opening in 1958, Ben’s made national headlines when our President Barack Obama stopped in for lunch 10 days before his inauguration. I can’t say how the hot dogs taste because the line was very long BUT I will say I was pleased that Ben’s offered Turkey Hot Dog’s and vegetarian chili since I don’t eat beef. To see the menu click this link.

Located directly next door is Ben’s Bar named “Next Door” the ambiance is very pretty with a great food and drink menu to choose from. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the variety. The service on the other hand, was not so great. After waiting for about 15min at the bar with the bar tender obviously ignoring us, my girlfriend and I left and went back across the street to Ulah for our end of the night cocktails. For more information on “Next Door” click this link.


How can I utilize public transportation, I’m not from DC? please click this link it will give you step by step directions via public transportation.

Any brunch recommendations? I’d definitely recommend Stoney’s Bar and Grill located at 1433 P St NW DC 20005 (202)234-1818. I dined here and the brunch menu was delicious. I’d suggest the waffles with the raspberry butter. The food and ambience were great but the service was not.






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