Visitor’s Guide to New York City

No matter where I travel, New York always has a special place in my heart. I LOVE this city!. While you’re visiting New York, I want  you to fall in love with the city the way I have. I’ll share some of New Yorks best kept secrets that only a New Yorker could tell you.

Don’t be afraid to take the NYC subways. Just use common sense and be alert. Don’t flash jewelry, electronics or money and make sure your bags are securely closed. The NYC subway system is pretty easy. One tip I used when I first moved to New York: MOST trains go in two directions in Manhattan  uptown and downtown. Uptown is Queens, Washington Heights, or Bronx bound and downtown is Brooklyn bound (South Ferry on the #1).IE if you’re on 34th and want to go to Queens you’d take a uptown bound train. If you need to transfer from a train to a bus (or vice versa), transfers are free using your metro card within 2hrs. To figure out what subway you should take go to this site and download the app for your phone: hop stop app. Also,most token booths have free NYC Subways maps. They are super-useful, and you can keep them as a souvenir when you get home!

OK Now that you know how to get around let’s, get to the destinations!


#1 You must visit the Brooklyn museum. The Brooklyn museum is donation based with a suggested donation of $12 per person. Currently the BK museum is exhibiting Keith Haring’s early work from 1978-1982. The exhibit will be on display from March 16-July 8,2012.

Raw/Cooked by Heather Hart is another cool exhibit that is sponsored by Bloomberg company and this exhibit is actually interactive. You and your friends/family will love it. Note you do have to sign a waiver and open toe shoes and heels are not allowed. This exhibit will run April 13th-June 24,2012

Question Bridge Black Males by Hank Willis Thomas and Chris Johnson is a unique exhibit I really enjoyed. Basically, it’s a video of 150 black males being interviewed and the way it is edited it appears they are all having a conversation. Some of the social topics that were covered were why do black males not go to the doctor, what is this “code of the streets” love, interracial dating. This is a must see. Question Bridge Black Males will be on exhibit until June 3,2012.

These are my favorite three exhibits right now but to get info on exhibitions being held at the Brooklyn Museum, click the link to visit their site.

What are the hours and days the museum is open?

How do I get to the museum?


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